Monday, August 22, 2011

BlankOn Linux 7.0 Pattimura

BlankOn Linux 7.0 Pattimura
Be proud to be Indonesian, their newest version Linux OS has been released. BlankOn is one of most famous Indonesian's Linux OS. 
BlankOn is an Ubuntu-based distribution developed by the Indonesian Linux Mover Foundation and BlankOn developer team. It is an Indonesian distribution that includes a variety of software that is widely used by consumers in general, such as office programs, financial applications, Internet applications, drawing (both vector and bitmap), support for various multimedia file formats, as well as other interesting programs.

BlankOn Linux 7.0 Pattimura
BlankOn Linux 7.0 has been released. BlankOn is an Ubuntu-based Indonesian desktop distribution with support for most Indonesian languages, the two official languages of Timor-Leste (Portuguese and Tetun), as well as English and simplified Chinese. It also includes six non-Latin writing systems (Bugis, Batak Toba, Bali, Sunda, Rejang and Jawa), a StarDict dictionary for Bahasa Indonesia, and the latest Chromium web browser. Most audio codecs are playable with the help of the Exaile music player, while digital photos can be organised in the popular Shotwell program. On the hardware side, the distribution includes plug-and-play support for many popular USB modems used by Internet Service Providers throughout the archipelago. Major components: Linux kernel 3.0.1, GNOME 2.32, Chromium 15.0, LibreOffice. 

Read the full release announcement (in Indonesian) for more information and screenshots. 

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  1. ini yang ane cari2 sobat ... Thnaks for share dech .... n izin donlod ...

  2. Pengen KK.. Tapi saya masih demen sama NAtty hehehehe.. jangan lupa mampir di

  3. @Sharing SEO, selamat mendownload :D
    @Brian, saya juga di laptop pakenya Ubuntu 10.04 :D
    @Cunayz, yup :)



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