Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PC/OS 10.1.1 Release

PC/OS 10.1.1 Release

As a Good well known lightweight Distro,  PC/OS Linux is most popular  distro among it's competitors, There's an important announcement about PC/OS 10.1.1 Release, here's what i got from theis website.

PC/OS OpenWorkstation 10.1.1 PC/OS GNOME 10.1.1 as well as PC/OS WebStations 10.1.1. With this release we bring many bug fixes and enhancements to the platform. This release is a bug fix and precursor to the release of PC/OS 11. Some of the highlights of this release include.

  1. Linux Kernel 2.6.31 PAE, with the physical address extentions, users of 32 bit PC/OS can now utilize more RAM on 64 bit systems. 
  2. Gigilo is removed, replaced with pyneighborhood 
  3. Filezilla is now included
  4. Empathy has been upgraded to version 2.29.93
  5. Empathy has been removed from WebStation and replaced with Meebo
  6. Gnome Games has been removed from WebStation and replaced with Flashchess3
  7. An eBook reader has been added to PC/OS WebStation
  8. GNOME-ppp has been added to the GNOME release
  9. All security and bugfixes have been added to all releases
  10. We debut the new PC/OS themes, PC/OS Daylight, PC/OS Midnight and PC/OS Dusk

Known issues.

  1. With Jockey you have to manually initiate your NVIDIA driver install
  2. Upon booting the Live CD/DVD you have to enter a user name and password. The user name is "custom" leave the password blank and press enter.
  3. The Broadcom drivers install automatically, you will not have an option to "deactivate" them upon intial use you will have to manually enter your network name.

The Developer Kit and Office Kit from PC/OS 10.1 still function properly on this release.

With this release of OpenWorkstation we are testing our new delivery method of the ISO and md5 in an archive format, .zip as to be compatible with all OS's.

You can Download the Distro here:

Kang Tatang

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