Thursday, February 11, 2010 : Linux Gaming Solution ia a best place to download a Live DVD Linux Games. You may play a lot of good games without to have installing the games or the Operating system into your computer. have a lot of games to play, enough to make you enjoy your linux Box. with a wide variety to choose even for your old machine, it's all available. what makes it so good are :
  • top free native Linux games!
  • most of the games have a multiplayer mode!
  • high performance video card drivers
    • proprietary NVIDIA drivers for GeForce2 MX and better (up to GeForce GTX 295 included)
    • proprietary ATI driver for Radeon HD 2400 and better (up to Radeon HD 4890 included)
  • open source drivers with 3D acceleration for many other video cards
  • harddisk is not touched!
  • nothing needs to be configured, everything is done automatically
  • networking is configured using dhcp server (network manager included)
  • FREE!!!!
for a modern 3d games you must have a minimum :
  • i686-capable architecture
  • 512 MB ram
  • videocard with 3d acceleration
here are the games selection :
  • armagetronad
  • astromenace
  • blobby
  • chromium-bsu
  • extremetuxracer
  • foobillard
  • frozen-bubble
  • hedgewars
  • lbreakout2
  • pingus
  • quadra
  • smc
  • teeworlds
  • worldofgoo-demo
  • xmoto
  • fretsonfire
  • glest
  • maniadrive
  • neverball
  • neverputt
  • nexuiz
  • openlierox
  • sauerbraten
  • scorched3d
  • supertuxkart
  • torcs
  • tremulous
  • urbanterror
  • warsow
  • warzone
  • wesnoth
  • widelands
  • worldofpadman.
so who said games are only for windows? better think again before talk like that because Playing games on Linux now is more fun.


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