Monday, June 20, 2011

Mandriva Linux 2011 Beta 3

Mandriva Linux 2011 Beta 3

One of the most popular Linux Distribution is Mandriva. Eugeni Dodonov has announced the availability of the third beta release of Mandriva Linux 2011. This is an unscheduled beta release on the pathway to the delayed 2011 version which is to be followed by a release candidate before the final release on an as-yet-unspecified date. From the release announcement: "As was previously announced on the Cooker mailing list, the Mandriva and Rosa teams have decided that additional time will be needed to finish the stabilization of Mandriva 2011 and Rosa 2011 desktop editions. Therefore I am gladly presenting Mandriva 2011 beta 3. Among the highlights of this release, the following items are present: from now on, the images contain non-free software for improved desktop experience; new UI theme for widgets, KDM and KDE environment, developed by ROSA Labs, is provided by default; new features in system panel, stack folders and system start menu.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Mageia is a fork of Mandriva Linux formed in September 2010 by former employees and contributors to the popular French Linux distribution. Unlike Mandriva, which is a commercial entity, the Mageia project is a community project and a non-profit organisation whose goal is to develop a free Linux-based operating system.

Version 1 of Mageia, a Linux distribution built and maintained by many former developers and contributors to Mandriva Linux, has been released: "We are the Mageia community, and today we are happy to tell everyone that our first release, Mageia 1, is out and available for download. Mageia began in September 2010 as a fork of Mandriva Linux. It is supported by a not-for-profit organisation, governed by a body of recognized and elected contributors, and made by 100+ people around the world. Our work adds to the excellent work of the wider Linux and free software community. We aim to bring one of the best, most stable, reliable and enjoyable experience and platform we can make; for a regular user, a developer, or a business. 


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